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For the (824.23^12)th time

Wednesday, June 9

Okay. Some bad news first, and I’m not referring to Masalados’s revival. John Dykes is leaving ESPNSTAR and won’t be on our screens come the 2010-11 league season. I chanced upon this piece of news here, and I don’t know if he’s fronting ESS’s world cup coverage. I hope he is for I don’t want any brown clown (with the eminent exception of Harsha Bhogle) bungling it. Heaven forfend that any caramel-coloured fellow should be in our faces, fumbling his way around mispronouncing every other name and casually murdering the language the way only we can. I have seen Richard Keys host Sky’s Premier League coverage and he is but a pale shadow of JD’s. Now considering Sky is the Premier League’s host broadcaster, it is perhaps safe to assume that ESPN Asia had the services of the best football presenter anywhere in the English-speaking world. So it was only a matter of time before someone was going to poach Dykesy. This is a bigger tragedy than the verdict in the Bhop India’s recent humiliation at the hands of Zimbabwe.

This is an exhortation – no, a plea – to the other two contributors to not throttle this just-resuscitated blog and keep it medically alive, at least for the duration of the world cup. This is one tiny period when our usually barren minds will have ideas shoehorned in. Men, let this space be reserved for our rants, analyses, and anything else. Aaytha?

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